How to Help

You can help the Conservancy!


The easiest and fastest way to support our mission of protecting wild orangutans is to make a donation.  Just as orangutans in the wild and in rescue and rehabilitation centers across Indonesia count on us being there for their care and comfort, we too count on you to keep our mission strong. 

Make a Donation

With your help we will continue to support projects that rescue and rehabilitate orangutans, increase awareness of the ongoing issues that threaten the future of orangutans and their rainforest homes, protect biodiversity, and benefit local communities.

OC asks you to make your much-needed contribution today.



And please check with your employer to see if they offer a matching donation program, which doubles your contribution to the Orangutan Conservancy.



Purchase Orangutan Conservancy Merchandise

The Orangutan Conservancy offers a variety of merchandise: t-shirts, bags, caps, magnets, mouse pads, mugs, postage stamps and more. Each is decorated with orangutan images in natural settings for you and your friends to admire. OC works with Zazzle, a licensed USPS vendor, to produce these charming items. A percentage of your purchase is donated back to OC. 

You can also shop for merchandise on-line at Amazon Smile.  It’s the same as Amazon and they’ll make a small donation to OC.

Wear your own “Save The Orangutan” wristband

Portland State Grantwriting Class

Recycle old cell phones or pagers for orangutan conservation

Donate old cell phones to help communities and to save endangered species. Everyone benefits: communities receive technology, the environment is protected from the toxic waste of throwing away unwanted phones, resources are saved by reusing the phones, habitats and animals are protected, and you can get rid of that old phone or pager.

Virtually Adopt a Wild Orangutan

The Orangutan Conservancy offers an exciting new way to learn about orangutans and to help support the Orangutan Kutai Project’s conservation efforts by offering virtual adoptions of wild orangutans living in the Kutai National Park in Borneo for $120 per year. A virtual  adoption packet makes a great gift for a friend or family member who loves animals, and is an exciting and educational way for classrooms to fundraise while learning more about orangutan conservation issues.

Other Ways to Help

Stage a local fundraiser for OC, post flyers, volunteer, increase awareness about orangutans on social media,  only buy sustainably-sourced palm oil and other consumer items, link to the OC website — and follow our work on the go through one of our mobile apps. 


Even if you cannot donate to OC, you can use your creativity, passion and a little of your time to  help orangutans in some way today!


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