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OC Helps Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme Water Upgrade Project

Vet team care for one of the many orangutans at SOCP quarantine facility. photo courtesy of SOCP

Vet team care for one of the many orangutans at SOCP quarantine facility. photo courtesy of SOCP


by Tom for the Orangutan Conservancy

OC supporters will recognize the longtime support that we’ve provided to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) near Medan in Sumatra.

The long-running quarantine, rescue and rehabilitation center for orangutans is an amazing operation run by Dr. Ian Singleton and a large and dedicated staff. 

Having visited SOCP last year, OC witnessed an ever-busy facility that is overloaded with orangutans that one day hope to be released into the wild.  Every cage at SOCP was filled with new arrivals and more enclosures were being built to temporarily house those animals that have been pushed out of the rainforest due to logging, palm oil and the illegal pet trade.  Luckily for these orangutans SOCP never turns away another arrival at their doorstep.

A key element to take care of the non-human and human primates at SOCP is clean, ever-flowing H20.  Water is essential for the health and well-being of the center’s inhabitants.  As such, SOCP is in the early stages of upgrading all of their water supply facilities at the quarantine station, with a new borehole and eventually some UV purifiers on the main cages.  The Orangutan Conservancy last week jumped in to help SOCP get moving on the endeavor, and we’ll be there for them as this process continues.

As Dr. Singleton noted, “With so many orangutans these days compared to when we started its time we did upgrade things to minimize risks of any unecessary health problems for the orangutans.”

Please join us in supporting this important project at SOCP by visiting our Donate Now page.

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Conservation Perspective: Good News for the Only Place on Earth Where Tigers, Rhinos, Orangutans and Elephants Live Together

Sumatran orangutans have lost huge areas of forest habitat. photo courtesy of: Richard Whitcombe

Sumatran orangutans have lost huge areas of forest habitat. photo courtesy of: Richard Whitcombe

by Bill Laurance for The

Conservationists and environmental scientists are used to bad news. So when there’s some really good news, it’s important to hear that as well.

While the battle is far from over, there has been a series of breakthroughs in the long-running battle to protect the imperiled Leuser ecosystem in northern Sumatra, Indonesia – the last place on Earth where tigers, orangutans, rhinoceros and elephants still live alongside one another.

The government of Aceh Province – which controls most of the Leuser ecosystem and has been subjected to withering criticism for its schemes to destroy much of the region’s forests for oil palm, rice and mining expansion while opening it up with a vast road network through the forest – has agreed to a moratorium on new land clearing and mining.

This is huge news, and it’s clear that both the international community and Indonesia’s federal government have played big roles in making this happen. Indonesian President Joko Widodo deserves a great deal of credit for this accomplishment, which he has been pushing for many months, not just in Aceh but elsewhere in Indonesia too.

This excerpt from an article appeared in and is courtesy of and can be read in its entirety here.

Conservation Perspective are articles, essays and first-hand accounts that the Orangutan Conservancy culls from around the world that we feel are must-reads.


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Orangutan Conservancy App Available on Amazon

OC app image

Orangutan Conservancy’s 2016 app is now available at Amazon and it’s free.

Of course, you can always follow OC on any computer and mobile device on our website but our mobile app has a lot of great features built in specifically for on-the-go use.  Take OC with you on the road to keep up on the latest orangutan and conservation news and to follow our work.

Please click here to load our app from Amazon.

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Two Weeks Left in OC’s Giving Grid Campaign

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What better time to think of orangutans than on Earth Day.  Well, let’s just call it Earth Month as that’s how long our first-ever Giving Grid campaign will last.  And we need you to join us with your support on this Spring funding drive to help us continue our work of protecting orangutans.  So, join these fine people already on the grid by making your donation to Giving Grid and don’t forget to include your favorite photo to add to the grid.  So far we’ve got faces, animals, company logos and even a beautiful seaside village.

We’ve got a lot of grids to fill in and only sixteen more days to so.  Please get on the grid now!  And as more supporters join the grid we’ll be updating the image above to show all of your great photos too.

Iconic species like the orangutan are responsible for the survival of so many other species and of our earth itself.  Let’s protect orangutans together and by doing so make the earth a better place for generations to come.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

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