IUCN calls on projects threatening the Tapanuli Orangutan to stop!

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has released a statement requesting projects that threaten the already critically endangered status of Tapanuli Orangutans to stop. Further, the IUCN is requesting the development and integration of a “conservation management plan,” for the rarest species of great ape. This plan will be based on an independent organization’s assessment of population and habitat viability in Tapanuli.



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Researchers discover new Chimpanzee ‘Toolkit’

In a new paper published in ‘Folia Primatologica’ researchers have discovered a new set of behaviors exhibited by eastern chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes shweinfurthii). This so-called new ‘toolkit’ includes, “four different kinds of tools: a long ant probe, a short probe, a thin wand, and a digging.” The tools seem to have distinct characteristics that correspond to the goal of the tool use, something that is also characterized by the radically different tool use shown by different chimpanzee populations across Africa.


Photo Credit: Cleve Hicks, The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation


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How El Niño Affects Wild Orangutans

Our very own board member Dr. Anne Russon started a long-term study in 2010 on the wild Orangutans of Kutai National Park in Indonesian Borneo. Her research has found how weather caused by the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle affects behavior, feeding ecology, habitat requirements, and birth intervals. The knowledge gained from this study will allow researchers to better understand how orangutans adapt to different climates, which will be vital as they face the growing threat of man-made climate change.

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Photo: Female and infant orangutan in Kutai National Park. The morio orangutans of east Borneo are usually much darker than their Sumatran cousins. Image by Orangutan Project Kutai.


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Petition: Save the Tapanuli Orangutan!

The Tapanuli Orangutan is on the brink of extinction and they need our help! A hydroelectric dam is being built and is threatening their already diminished population with further fragmentation. If we do not act now this species will be doomed to path of extinction. Rallies across the globe are taking place to show the investors of this project that funding this dam is the wrong choice. Let’s encourage these companies to stand on the right side of environmental history and save this precious species. The Tapanuli Orangutan was only discovered two years ago and there is still so much to learn about them. The only way to secure their future is to act now and support causes that are fighting for this species existence.

“The Tapanuli orangutan–the rarest primate in the world–is on the cusp of being obliterated by two Chinese state-owned entities. The Bank of China is funding and Sinohydro is building a dam that would permanently slice up the Tapanuli’s only habitat, and lead it to a near-certain fate of extinction.”

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