The Orangutan Conservancy (OC) is dedicated to the protection of orangutans in their natural habitat through wild research, capacity building, education and public awareness programs, and by supporting numerous on-the-ground efforts to save Southeast Asia’s only great ape.

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Rampant deforestation, rapid expansion of palm oil plantations, fires and the illegal pet trade have drastically reduced the population of wild orangutans in Southeast Asia.

The Orangutan Conservancy (OC) helps to save wild orangutans by supporting vital conservation projects in Indonesia and Malaysia. By donating to OC today you will help:

  • Protect orangutan habitat
  • Support rescue efforts of illegally held orangutans and their rehabilitation
  • Reintroduction projects that return orangutans to the wild
  • Conservation education programs in Indonesia, Malaysia and the U.S.
  • Fund field research projects
  • Support Indonesian wildlife healthcare worker education
  • Stage the annual Orangutan Conservancy Veterinary Workshop

Virtual Adoption

The Orangutan Conservancy (OC) is emphasizing its commitment to wild orangutan conservation by offering for virtual adoption seven orangutans currently living in the Kutai National Park in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. By partnering with the Orangutan Kutai Project and the Kutai National Park authority, OC believes it can spur support and awareness of the wild orangutans in this fragile region.


Organize a fundraiser on behalf of the Orangutan Conservancy to raise awareness for the orangutans’ plight. By staging an event in your class, school, workplace, or even at your local community center you too can help fund future projects on the ground in Southeast Asia. We encourage creativity when thinking about hosting a fundraising event.

Stay Up to Date


Each season, the Orangutan Conservancy offers our colorful and informative E-Bulletin, which highlights orangutan stories and conservation news along with updates about the projects that OC is currently working on.  It is the best way way to keep up on the latest happenings around OC, and it’s all delivered to you via your computer screen or smart phone.