2012 OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop Announced

The Orangutan Conservancy is pleased to announce the dates and location for our fourth veterinary workshop. This summer’s event will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from July 9-13, 2012. During the workshop we will be posting daily updates, and next month we’ll list this year’s full agenda. It costs the Orangutan Conservancy well over $20,000 each year to stage and host the annual event.  If you would like to help OC with this year’s event please visit our make a donation page.

Collectively, the veterinarians and healthcare staff at rehabilitation centers in Borneo and Sumatra care for the largest captive population of orangutans in the world. Yet they face nearly impossible odds, and often find themselves short of medicine, equipment, money, space, support staff and time.

But those same dedicated men and women do not lack for skill. Or commitment. And that is why the Orangutan Conservancy created the Orangutan Conservancy (OC/OVAG) Veterinary Workshop, an annual seminar that gathers together the veterinary teams that work at the frontlines of the orangutan conservation crisis, and gave them a rare opportunity to hone skills, discuss issues and ideas, and renew friendships that could some day mean the difference between life and death for endangered apes.

The video above is a highlight reel from the 2011 OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop. To learn more about the workshops visit https://www.orangutan.com/projects/oc-veterinary-workshop/.

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