A Message of Unity During Orangutan Caring Week

photo from the Orangutan Conservancy and the Orangutan Kutai Project
photo from the Orangutan Conservancy and the Orangutan Kutai Project

OC’s mission of protecting wild orangutans is more pressing than ever before.  Our latest research shows that the number of orangutans left in the wild may now be as low as 40,000.  Thousands have perished over the past decade, and the possibility of extinction isn’t a topic of debate, it’s a cold, hard fact. 

Unless things change quickly for Asia’s sole great ape – unless research can be stepped up, unless the dual threats of palm oil and deforestation can be slowed, and unless we find realistic and lasting ways to conserve this species more effectively through action and global awareness campaigns – our forest friends may disappear before our eyes.

This is why we know that the spirit of unity amongst conservation groups is so crucial if we are going to give orangutans their best fighting chance for survival.  We are pleased to join dozens of conservation organizations around the world this Orangutan Caring Week. 

The theme for 2013 is “Unite to Fight the Extinction of the Orangutan,” and in that spirit we need you to join us too.

From the Orangutan Caring Week website: 

What can you do to show you care? Plenty! First of all commit to doing at least one activity. Whatever you choose to do make it fun, make it understandable but most of all make sure that it reaches out and motivates people to want to do something about the potential loss of one of our planets most beautiful species: the orangutan.

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