Announcing the OC/OVAG 11th Annual Workshop!

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Collectively, the veterinarians and healthcare staff at rehabilitation centers in Borneo and Sumatra care for the largest captive population of orangutans in the world. Yet they face nearly impossible odds, and often find themselves short of medicine, equipment, money, space, support staff and time.

But those same dedicated men and women do not lack for skill or commitment. And this is why the Orangutan Conservancy created the OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop – an annual seminar that gathers together the veterinary teams that work on front lines of the orangutan conservation crisis.  It is a rare and much-needed opportunity for them to join together to hone skills, share the latest orangutan data, discuss issues and ideas, and to meet colleagues that could some day mean the difference between life and death for endangered apes.

The focus of the OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshops remain the practical sessions, presentations, round tables, and break-out groups that make the experience so valuable. At the workshops, OVAG veterinarians who often work alone under extreme duress discover a place to pose questions and tackle hypothetical scenarios that might otherwise get overlooked. They also establish long-lasting friendships and alliances that strengthen the orangutan conservation community as a whole.

2019 Workshop

This year the Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group (OVAG) workshop is supported by the Orangutan Conservancy and the Chester Zoo, and is being hosted by Gadjah Mada University.

The workshop will take place in Yogyakarta starting on July 28th!

Stay tuned for more updates as the workshop gets closer! We will be sharing photos and info from the workshop as the event progresses.


Learn more about the Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group’s Annual Workshop!

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