Artist Mark McGinnis

Mark McGinnis has generously donated his artwork as a prize for OC’s International Orangutan Day Poetry Contest.   Read more about Mark and his work.

Mark McGinnis

Mark W. McGinnis

Emeritus Professor of Art, Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota. He now resides in Boise, Idaho.

His interdisciplinary approach to art has included paintings, artist’s books, sculpture, printmaking, installation, video, performance, essays, and interviews. The research orientation of his work has led to series and projects of exploration and inquiry on a range of subjects including the extinction of species, the Snake River basin, science and philosophy, literature of India, Japan and China, world religions, religious elders, economics, foreign policy, nuclear weaponry, American Indian history, and explorers of the “New World.” His projects have been featured in over 120 solo exhibitions. Books versions of many of his projects are available from