‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ by BBC sheds light on Indonesia’s critically endangered species —

BBC’s ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ premiered on January 18th, 2020 and highlights critical conservation and environmental issues that face our ecosystem across all seven continents. Sir David Attenborough fronts this project after the Emmy-winning series ‘Planet Earth II’ and ‘Blue Planet II.” This new series sheds light on the incredible biodiversity housed in our one world and spreads across 41 countries with 92 shoots and 1,794 filming days, according to the BBC Series Announcement.

Photo Credit: BBC America

Tune in on Saturday at 9pm on BBC America to watch ‘Seven World, One Planet’ Asia. Focusing the lens on the largest of continents, a diverse array of animals from walruses to bears  to orangutans, some endemic to the historic continent, will show how the biodiversity of each was shaped. This episode will feature the critical environmental issues surrounding Southeast Asian forests, orangutans, and rhinos — all of which are infamously on the brink of extinction. This episode will also feature prominent conservation organizations that are working hard on the front lines of Southeast Asia. The Orangutan Conservancy will be featured!

Tune in on Saturday at 9pm on BBC America to watch ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ Asia! 

Featured Photo Credit: Nick Green/BBC NHU

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