Conservation News: Call For Australian Government’s Funds For Indonesian forests

Photo courtesy of Michael Bachelard
Photo courtesy of Michael Bachelard

by  for the Brisbane Times

Jakarta: The pulp and paper company that went from environmental zero to hero last year has now called on the Abbott government to invest some of its Direct Action funding into protecting Indonesian forests.

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) pledged last February that there would be no further deforestation or peatland destruction in any aspect of its supply chain and invited Greenpeace and Australian-led The Forest Trust to monitor its performance.

So far, the company once accused by Greenpeace of “pulping the planet” has passed muster.

It has now extended the pledge and again teamed up with environmental agencies including a previous holdout, WWF, in a promise to restore or protect 1 million hectares of Indonesian forest from further degradation.

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