Conservation News: Palm Oil Company Violated RSPO Standards, Evicted From Sustainability Body

Haze from fire and burnt tree stumps within recently cleared peatland forest; ©Ifansasti/Greenpeace
Haze from fire and burnt tree stumps within recently cleared peatland forest; ©Ifansasti/Greenpeace


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has evicted Indonesian palm oil giant Dutapalma Nusantara for violating key principles for sustainability.

Dutapalma Nusantara, which is also known as Darmex Agro or Duta Palma, was found to have violated three RSPO principles: converting deep peat for a plantation, clearing forest without a high conservation value (HCV) assessment, and using fire to open land. The company repeatedly failed to address the issues, which were raised by the Indonesia Community Mapping Network via RSPO’s complaint system.

“The Executive Board finds that PT Dutapalma Nusantara / PT Darmex Agro have not demonstrated commitment to address the issue nor acted in compliance with the Code of Conduct,” said the RSPO in a statement posted on its web site. “Despite numerous directives from the RSPO to resolve the complaint, there was complete reticence and lack of response from the company. The company merely attempted to refute the allegations by using the issue of ownership of the companies involved.”

“Therefore, the Executive Board has decided to terminate the RSPO membership of PT Dutapalma Nusantara and PT Darmex Agro with immediate effect on the grounds indicated above. In concurrence with this, PT Dutapalma Nusantara/PT Darmex Agro must remove all references to the RSPO on its website and from all other communication in whatever form within seven (7) days from the date of this letter.”

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