Conservation News: RSPO Failing To Meet Sustainability Objectives For Palm Oil Production, Says WWF

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An initiative that aims to improve the social and environmental performance of  palm oil production is faltering in its mission by failing to establish strong  performance standards on greenhouse gas emissions and pesticide use, argues a  new statement issued by WWF, the initiative’s biggest green supporter.

The  statement, published on the eve of a major meeting of the Roundtable  on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), says that RSPO certification alone can no longer  be considered an adequate measure of environmental sustainability for  “progressive” companies. It says companies that aim to minimize the impact of  their palm oil production, trade, and/or consumption should now target  performance standards that include public reporting of greenhouse gas emissions,  eliminating the use of Class 1A and 1B pesticides, and establishing policies  that exclude the purchase of oil palm fruit from illegally cleared or occupied  lands. Those standards were excluded from the recently updated RSPO principles and  criteria, which will go to a vote at the RSPO meeting on April 25 in Kuala  Lumpur.

The statement from WWF is especially significant given the  group’s role in the formation and progress of the RSPO. For years WWF has pushed  for producers, traders, and consumers to adopt RSPO certification as the  standard for responsible production and use of palm oil. The effort has resulted  in a steady increase in RSPO-certified palm oil’s market share, but also  complaints from some environmentalists who say the initiative does not go far  enough to limit deforestation, conversion of peatlands, or social conflict.

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