Conservation News: Zoologist’s Mission to Stop Orangutans’ Habitat From Being Ravaged


by David Rose for The Daily Mail

It is an utterly heart-melting image. A young Sumatran orangutan swings down from his tree to nuzzle and play with a British zoologist who is here to save his life.

Dr Ian Singleton gets a privileged close-up view of how these highly intelligent animals are possessed of such an extraordinarily wide range of emotions, and why they form such close and touching bonds with human beings. As well they might: sharing 97 per cent of humans’ DNA, they are one of our nearest living relatives.

Tragically, though, these bewitching pictures, captured by environmental photographer David Higgs, betray a story that shows humanity at its most rapacious.

This excerpt from a news article appeared in The Mail On Sunday and can be read in tis entirety here.



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