Dr. Anne Russon to be Keynote Speaker at OC’s 10th Anniversary Fundraiser

Dr. Anne Russon shown here at her current research effort - the Orangutan Kutai Project
Dr. Anne Russon shown here at her current research site- the Orangutan Kutai Project

World-renowned primatologist and OC board member Dr. Anne Russon will be the keynote speaker at the “A River Runs Through It” fundraiser to be held in Los Angeles on September 19th.

Since 1989, Dr. Russon has conducted scientific research on orangutan intelligence and behavior in the forests of Indonesian Borneo.  She has served as a scientific advisor for several orangutan documentaries and orangutan support organizations (e.g., Alchemy Films, New Zealand Natural History Unit; Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation–Indonesia, Orangutan Conservancy-USA) and is the Executive Director of the Borneo Orangutan Society of Canada. Since 2009, she has been studying the behavior of wild orangutans in Kutai National Park, E Kalimantan at her Orangutan Kutai Project.

She is the author of several popular books dealing with Great Apes including Orangutans: Wizards of the Rainforest, Reaching into Thought: The Minds of the Great Apes, and The Evolution of Thought: Evolution of Great Ape Intelligence.  Dr. Russon was recently profiled in a New Yorker magazine article.

Attendees of our 1oth anniversary event will have a wonderful opportunity to hear and meet this global leader in the field of orangutan conservation.  See you there.

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