Drone Project Video

The “Conservation Drone Project” is one of the new and innovative technologies that the Orangutan Conservancy is helping to support. This short video, shot from the perspective of the drone, shows how effective this high-flying, low cost technology can be. Future use of the drone can be used for gathering accurate orangutan counts, keeping track of palm oil and deforestation situations and reporting fire forests.

You can read more about this project run by Dr. Serge Wich and Lian Pin Koh here.


  1. Thoroughly enjoy watching the videos that are posted on your website. It’s a great learning experience. Thank you.

  2. Dr. Wich,
    I heard a UK podcast today on your drone project, excellent work. The drone moves through the air column above the forest canopy similar to oceanic gliders. I believe that your project may be able use the three dimensional guidance programming and data management that has been recently developed by the Integrated Ocean Observing System:

    I have no affiliation with this commercial drone product (information only)

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