Exploring the lives of Zoo Orangutans! [COVID-19]

Renowned zoos across the world have been supporting orangutan conservation and advancement in their standards of care for decades, but how are they caring for orangutans during this global pandemic? Lets take a look!

Orangutans & Friends

 24-year-old Ujian and a group of otters at Pairi Daiza zoo in Domaine du Cambron (Belgium)

A Belgium zoo is showcasing a special relationship between a family of orangutans and their “otterly” adorable neighbors. Many orangutans across the world live in multi species exhibits which according to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, “are valued for… providing positive and challenging stimuli to animals and for the education and entertainment aspect of a zoo’s mission” (AZA)

“A zoo in Belgium has shared some amazing photos of a blossoming friendship between a family of orangutans and their otter neighbors.The animals live together at Pairi Daiza zoo in Domaine du Cambron, as part of a program designed to maintain the primates’ well being in captivity.”

Jack Guy, CNN

New Homes

The orangutan trio from the Auckland Zoo have just been re-introduced to their new stat-of-the-art home! The entirety of this project took two years, requiring the orangutans to be moved to an entirely different facility for the duration. This redesign is the biggest in the zoos 100-year history and includes some of the most advanced arboreal structures that mirror orangutans’ natural habitat in Southeast Asia.

Although guests are not able to see the new High Canopy habitat now due to the COVID-19 closures, the Auckland Zoo has promised more details of this development over social media…so stay tuned!

Orangutans on Social Media

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