Funding Firefighting Efforts in Borneo


Subject: Borneo is BURNING

The Orangutan Conservancy received a request from the Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) last week for Emergency Firefighting funds (EFF) to fight the intense infernos. The BNF is located in Sebangau National Forest in Central Kalimantan and it has the largest population of protected orangutans in the world.

Forest fire on edge of Sebangau River
Photo: Eko Yudhi Aditya and Borneo-Nature-Foundation

Currently, BNF is sending out local firefighting teams everyday to battle the flames, create fire breaks, and to rewet the forest edges. These community teams are on the front lines of the fire epidemic in Southeast Asia and they are constantly risking their own health and wellbeing to put out the flames. They are not only helping local communities to survive the fire season but they are also helping ensure the safety and survivability of the wildlife that inhabits the quickly disappearing forests.

The funds sent to BNF will help pay the firefighting teams as well as provide them with the necessary fire and protective equipment to handle the situation safely and efficiently.

The Orangutan Conservancy keeps a special reserve of funds at the ready just for fire season, and because of our dedicated supporters like you we have been able to fund not only one, but two of these EFF requests. Donations to OC are not only sent to our projects for research and conservation, but they are also utilized for emergency situations like these. It is imperative that the projects in Southeast Asia are able to effectively and safely operate on a day to day basis. Without our dedicated supporters like you we would not be able to help our projects like this.

Hendri from CIMTROP Patrol Team and BNF Senior Project Coordinator
| 2019 Sebangau | Photo: Edwin Shri Bimo and Borneo Nature Foundation

Thank you to those who were able to help in our last round of donations for our Emergency Firefighting Funds. If you would like to help out our projects even more and donate to  our Firefighting Fund again please consider donating below so we can keep our orangutans safe in the wild!

Borneo is burning – when will it end?

A video update from the field in Borneo, showcasing the intense infernos that threaten the precious landscape.

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