Funded Projects

Dr. Mark Harrison of BNF/OuTrop is one of the researchers featured in From the Forest

The Orangutan Conservancy works to provide funding and logistical support to a variety of orangutan protection and research programs. By providing funding to various wildlife research programs in Indonesia we hope to assist in the ongoing conservation of this critically endangered genus. The following projects have been funded by the Orangutan Conservancy. 

Active Initiatives

Scholarship Opportunities

OC’s Our Canopy Scholarship program was designed to support individuals specializing in the care and study of orangutan conservation programs in Southeast Asia. The Our Canopy Scholarship is currently only open to individuals associated with universities and highly-regarded orangutan conservation organizations based in orangutan range countries (Borneo & Sumatra).

Emergency Firefighting Funding

OC keeps a funding reserve marked for the dry season that initiates a bout of fires every single year. We try to keep this reserve fully funded in the event of emergencies for projects on the ground in Southeast Asia.

Past Initiatives

Project Proposals

Do you have a project proposal that you need funding for? Visit our Project Proposal page to find out more!