Giving Tuesday 2022

Now is the time to make the most impactful gift for orangutan conservation! Next week on Giving Tuesday, a generous donor has offered to match all gifts up to $4,000! Double your impact, by making an early donation to our #GivingTuesday2022 campaign! 

The Orangutan Conservancy works to conserve orangutans and their rainforest homes by directly addressing the main threats to their survival: loss of habitat through deforestation & fires, illegal hunting, and the illegal pet trade. 

The Orangutan Conservancy is actively addressing these threats by funding initiatives such as the Sintang Orangutan Center’s new X-Ray Machine! Some may recall that last year we took on a significant commitment with Sintang Orangutan Center to help them secure an x-ray machine at their facility in West Kalimantan. After a year of obstacles and challenges, the new machine is up and running, serving vital orangutan healthcare needs at the center. 

Upon arrival to SOC, all orangutans must undergo an extensive health examination. The purpose of this examination is to ensure that any orangutan entering the center does not introduce any infectious disease to the other individuals. If the orangutan passes their initial health examination they are admitted to the center and will undergo a yearly examination thereafter. If at any point during their initial or yearly examination(s) an infectious disease or other medical ailment is found, the animal care team must effectively be able to treat the animal with the necessary equipment and medications. 

Orangutans are also very prone to different types of respiratory ailments, so having an x-ray machine is vital to diagnosing and treating conditions early. This piece of equipment is the next step in caring for and conserving the wild populations of orangutans in their region of Southeast Asia. Sintang Orangutan Center has cared for more than 40 individual orangutans in the past 11 years, most of whom came from lives as private pets or as part of the illegal pet trade.

Take a look at the new X-Ray Machine at Sintang Orangutan Center below! 

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