Giving Tuesday “Week” at The Orangutan Conservancy

The Orangutan Conservancy works 365 days a year supporting numerous on the ground projects in Indonesia that in turn are working to save orangutans.  

Whether it be the HOCRU rescue team at the Orangutan Information Centre in Sumatra or the researchers studying orangutans at the Orangutan Kutai Project in Borneo, OC stands behind important conservation efforts through both financial and logistical support.  We do so by helping to support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme at both their quarantine center near Medan and at their wild sites in Aceh and Jambi, where they continue to successfully release orangutans back into the rainforest.  An island away in Kalimantan we partner with the Borneo Nature Foundation on numerous initiatives, from conserving the orangutan population in the Sabangau Forest to protecting the fragile peatland through dam building and firefighting efforts.  We’re also supporting the future home for inured and ill great apes at Orangutan Haven and, of course, holding our annual OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshops.

Wherever the daily work of protecting orangutans is occurring in Asia, the Orangutan Conservancy continues to step up to meet the challenges and help support the good work being done.

We can’t do this alone.  Our mission only thrives because of the generous support of people like you who care about these amazing animals as much as we do.

So, for one week of the year, starting on Giving Tuesday, we appeal to you to please support our work by making a donation that shows how much you care about endangered orangutans. 

Your donations are most appreciated, but so is sharing our work on social media.  So is shopping for your holiday gifts at Amazon Smile where every purchase you make means a small contribution to OC, or by ordering some of our “Save the Orangutan ” wristbands.  You can also give in other ways, perhaps by volunteering your time today to do something proactive for orangutans.  There are numerous ways to contribute toward future orangutan conservation, and the key is starting something today that is dedicated to giving. 

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