Goodbye 2019

You still have an opportunity to help save orangutans from their growing list of threats; deforestation, poaching, illegal hunting, habitat loss, human encroachment, the list goes on and on…

Just this year we have been able to fund medical re-supply trips, firefighting efforts, and infrastructure rebuilding; not to mention the fact that we have been able to fund TWO emergency firefighting fund requests. Every dollar you give will be put to good use by further allowing the Orangutan Conservancy to fully fund Our Canopy of projects. 

Our Canopy

‘Our Canopy’ is the collection of projects based out of Southeast Asia that support our mission to save the orangutan and their natural habitat. The ‘Our Canopy’ project collection operates under our ‘One Canopy’ philosophy, which represents an understanding that we all exist; on one planet, in one environment, under one common goal, and that we should take responsibility for our future actions and conservation initiatives now, for the betterment of our future.

Take a closer look at this years projects!

Into the New Year

The Orangutan Conservancy is looking forward to entering 2020 strong, but we cannot do it without your help. We were able to fund four extremely important independent projects, not to mention our co-hosting of the OC/OVAG workshop. If we can count on your support then we would be able to fund even more conservation initiatives in the new year.

Together, we can do so much more for orangutans in Malaysia and Borneo. Please make a gift today to support orangutan conservation in the New Year—and beyond.


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      You can make a donation at this link:, during the donation process you can also opt in to receive updates on our current projects.

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