Gorillas at S.D. Zoo Safari Park Recovering Quickly from COVID-19 Diagnosis

Featured Image courtesy of San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

There is some great news coming out of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park about the gorilla troop infected with COVID-19 earlier this month.

The Zoo reported on January 11th, 2021, that two gorillas in the Sand Diego Zoo Safari Park gorilla troop that two gorillas had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, with a potential third also being infected. Though the park never reported if any of the other troop members contracted the virus, they have reported today (Jan. 25th) that the gorillas are making a swift recovery.

Staff at the Safari Park state that the gorillas are eating, drinking, and socializing appropriately which is a strong indication that they will all fully recover.

The staff was initially concerned for an older silverback gorilla named Winston, who had underlying health conditions that apart from his age. Winston was examined under anesthesia where the staff was able to diagnose him with pneumonia and heart disease.

Winston experienced cough and noticeable lethargy following his diagnosis and was treated with antibiotics, heart medication, and a special monoclonal antibody treatment that was not permitted for human use. Winston is expected to recover.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park states that they believe the care and treatment regimens employed for their gorilla troop will aid them in any other potential COVID-19 cases within the park along with a further scientific understanding of the virus’ effect on great apes.  

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