The Orangutan Conservancy would like to encourage all of our website visitors to view an incredible film called “Green.”  This powerful film in 48-minutes reveals the devastating effects of deforestation and palm oil expansion on orangutans, other species, and their rainforest homes.  We salute the filmmakers of this important movie and hope you will watch it and also share the link with others who care deeply about the plight of orangutans.


  1. This film is incredibly moving. She tells her own story, her true story. All should see this movie. Every single consumer.

    1. Yes it is Colleen. I think it’s one of the most powerful presentations out there today that explains in visual form what is happening to orangutans. It should be a film that everyone sees, before it’s too late to save this wonderful great ape.

  2. edited

    It is obvious Indonesia and its people, let alone the sponsors of this massive transformation of orangatan habitat, are lacking a moral compass regarding the lives of its animals.

    Better then that all orangutans be ‘adopted’ out en masse to a suitable country; or better yet, to a ‘World Reserve’ overseen by agencies such as the World Wildlife Fund.

    Enlightened countries and their citizens should financially and morally support such an endeavour before it is simply too late. Tears alone don’t cut it.

    Rest in peace dear Green, noble lady; our love was not enough.


  3. Here is a link, to watch this movie on YouTube:

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