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OVAG 2021: All About Welfare

The first panel for OVAG Day 2 was on ape husbandry and the welfare in both zoo and rehabilitation contexts. The panelists for this session included Drh. Yenny Saraswati, Dr. Jennifer Elston, zookeeper Ida Lewis, Conservation Manager Josephine Vanda, and zookeeper Cindy Cossaboon. The entirety of the panel consisted of topics including medical training, enrichment, and special needs individuals to name a few.

World Nature Conservation Day 2021

Today, July 28th, is World Nature Conservation Day. We celebrate this day to raise awareness about the world’s health and the need to preserve the environment and natural resources. The primary focus for this day is to highlight the importance of saving the many plants and animals that are threatened with extinction worldwide, along with conserving the world’s flora, fauna, and various other resources.

OVAG 2021 Begins!

This year’s Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group (OVAG) Workshop is focusing on ape welfare, which is especially poignant as we are still dealing with the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The first live session of this year’s conference focused on three very important aspects in conservation organizations; communication, human-primate interaction, and mental health for veterinarians and conservationists.

Classroom Adoption: Sparkling Sonics & 2-201

This past April, two classrooms (The Sparkling Sonics and 2-201) both virtually adopted the Orangutan Kutai Project orangutan, Pan, in honor of Earth Day. Along with the adoption, the classes both had lessons on orangutans and their habitat. The students completed many projects, including: illustrations, dioramas, and opinion pieces on why it is important to save orangutans.