OC Announces Conservation-themed Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Pongos on Pumpkins Conservation Contest
Pongos on Pumpkins Conservation Contest

PONGOS ON PUMPKINS is a new fall contest that the Orangutan Conservancy is pleased to present. From now through October 30th you can submit photos of your original orangutan artwork on pumpkins to be eligible for two great prizes!

The pumpkins can be painted, colored or carved with images of orangutans or the rainforest (or both), or maybe your pumpkin will have a conservation message. All creative ideas that promote orangutan conservancy are welcomed.

The donated prizes will be revealed soon and they are terrific!

A team from the Orangutan Conservancy will make their choices for the top picks from two categories:

“Original Orangutan Design” and “Creative Conservation Message.”

So enter soon and enter often. We’ll post images of the entries starting in mid-October and then we’ll highlight the top winners on our website and in our E-Bulletin in time for Halloween.

imagesGet carving, coloring and painting. We can’t wait to see what you send in.

All entries can be sent to president@orangutan.com



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