OC Announces Support for Last Place On Earth Challenge

If helping to save the Leuser Ecosystem is as important to you as it is to the Orangutan Conservancy then we invite you to learn more about the 2017 Last Place on Earth Challenge. With your support we all might help protect this vulnerable, beautiful and very important habitat. 

At around 2.63 million hectares, the Leuser Ecosystem really is a world unto itself—a rich expanse of tropical lowland rainforests, cloud covered mountains and swampy peatlands.  And Leuser needs help now more than ever before.  Participating in the Last Place on Earth Challenge is one way to do that.

Donations to help are always welcome or you might want to actually step to the front of the line and join in the Challenge event itself.  Currently eight very lucky people are going to trek, climb, raft and, as LPOEC’s website notes, “survive” the wilds in an amazing multi-day journey across the region.

LPOEC has welcomed the Orangutan Conservancy to their team to help recruit at least two new adventurers from the US to take the 2017 Challenge.  We hope you’ll take this once in a lifetime opportunity to join the August 19-September 5 event in Sumatra and help us save this habitat for the elephants, tigers, rhinos & orangutans that call it home.

Have a look at the Last Place on Earth Challenge website to learn more.

This short video from LPOEC will tell you much more about the current situation in Leuser.


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