OC: artistry X conservation

Periodically, the Orangutan Conservancy partners with local and international artisans for the good of the conservation community. These accomplished creatives have agreed to donate a portion of their conservation-oriented products to the conservancy, thereby supporting our important projects in Southeast Asia.

Orangutan Stained Glass Piece

This wonderful face is a glass-on-glass mosaic that is 10×12” plus frame. This piece is being highlighted as a fundraising piece for The Orangutan Conservancy.

Orangutan Stone Bracelet

This very special bracelet was designed specifically to symbolize the highly intelligent and gentle orangutan. Orangutan meaning “person of the forest” is represented with Green Apatite, a humanitarian stone associated with animal conservation. 30% of the proceeds from this bracelet will go directly to the Orangutan Conservancy.

Mounted Baby Orangutan Painting

As part of a babies of Borneo series this is a watercolour of a baby orangutan. Mounted, ready to frame. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Orangutan Conservancy.