Funding Medical Re-Supply at Sintang Orangutan Center

The Sintang Orangutan Center is a rescue and rehabilitation center located in Sintang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. They service all areas of West Kalimantan and currently have 38 individuals in their care. In recent years (2017-2019) SOC has released 5 individual orangutans to the Betung Kerihun National Park Forest in Putusibau, Kapuas Hulu.

The Sintang Orangutan center intends to use the awarded funds to secure sufficient medical supplies for the care of the orangutans in the rehabilitation center.

Upon arrival to SOC, all orangutans must undergo an extensive health examination. The purpose of this examination is to ensure that any orangutan entering the center does not introduce any infectious disease to the other individuals. If the orangutan passes their initial health examination they are admitted to the center and will undergo a yearly examination thereafter. If at any point during their initial or yearly examination(s) an infectious disease is found, the animal care team must effectively be able to treat the animal with the necessary equipment and medications. The medical funding provided by OC will allow SOC to secure adequate amounts of medications and lab tests to treat any orangutan in need.

SOC staff must have adequate equipment to be able to perform routine examinations like the one pictured above.

Orangutan healthcare and rehabilitation requires a significant amount of dedication and funding. We are so happy to be able to fund this grant to SOC and help them further their mission to conserve this precious species.

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