OC BLOG: One Month and Counting Until OC/OVAG Workshop

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How fast a year goes. 

It seems like OC was just in the middle of our last OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop, but here it is May and we’re gearing up for the next one, which starts in just one month.  It will be our most ambitious workshop yet, and, as always, the Orangutan Conservancy stages and, along with our generous supporters, funds the entire multi-day event, giving dozens of wildlife veterinarians the important opportunity to join together annually with their fellow orangutan caretakers. 

Dr. Raffaella Commitante  – our OC Board member – runs the annual event, and as usual her excitement level for the approaching workshop is peaking right about now.

“The Orangutan Conservancy/Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group (OC/OVAG) workshop is gearing up for another fabulous session for 2014, our 6th year! This year we will be focusing on developing a certified post graduate course on orangutan and SE Asian wildlife led by our vets we have been working with since 2009, with the top vet universities in Indonesia; developing skills in scientific writing so that our vets can begin to publish their work; and continue with on-going advanced training for dealing with disease issues.”

As always, we’ll have daily photos, updates and a comprehensive report from the workshop, and this year we look forward to bringing you video highlights as well.

Thank you to all of our supporters who help us make the OC/OVAG Workshop a yearly event.  If you too would like to help support the workshop please click here.



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