OC Continues Support for BNF/OuTrop’s Sabangau Forest Protection and Restoration Efforts by CIMTROP

The CIMTROP team build dams in illegal canals to regenerate the rainforest
The Orangutan Conservancy is pleased to continue our partnership with the Borneo Nature Foundation’s Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project in the Sabangau Forest of Kalimantan. BNF carries out research activities in Indonesia in partnership with the Centre for International Cooperation in Sustainable Management of Tropical Peatland (UPT LLGCIMTROP) at the University of Palangka Raya.

The full report of this project is available here and highlights the ongoing work of the CIMTROP team partners as they continue important work in the 600,000 hectare Sabangau Forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. By protecting and restoring critical orangutan habitat that otherwise might be lost CIMTROP and BNF are making a huge impact every day in an area that is home to the largest remaining orangutan population.

Forest and river patrols by the Community Patrol Team are carried out for a minimum of 18 days per month and have proven to be a significant deterrent to illegal activity in the region. The team’s dam building results are impressive as well as each one that is built means more of the peatland is protected for the future. CIMTROP’s firefighting brigade have also saved many sections of the forest during the dry season, although they often have only a minimal amount of equipment to battle the blazes.

The Orangutan Conservancy’s broad-based approach to solving the crisis facing orangutans is aligned with the work being done on the ground by projects like BNF/OuTrop, and we encourage you to help support our work here so that we can provide orangutans and their rainforest home a real chance for survival in the 21st century.

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