OC Participates in Southern California Primate Research Forum

The Orangutan Conservancy was proud to participate in this year’s Southern California Primate Research Forum, hosted by the Association for Primate Evolutionary Studies at California State University, Fullerton. OC’s president, Dr. Raffaella Commitante spoke on the current state of all three orangutan species, giving special focus to the newly “re-discovered” Tapanuli orangutan of the Batang Toru ecosystem in Northern Sumatra.

The Southern California Primate Research Forum has been presenting primate research for the past 20 years and provides an opportunity for students and faculty to hear directly from current researchers in the field. This year the forum’s focus will cover the important research and conservation work being conducted on the great and small ape species.

Guest Speakers:

Click on a timestamp below to view a specific speaker’s presentation.

2:30​ – Gabriella Skollar | Gibbon Conservation Center
36:40​ – Raffaella Commitante PhD. | Orangutan Conservancy & CSUF
1:23:10​ – Robin Morrison, PhD. | Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund
2:02:47​ – Kara Walker, PhD. | Chimpanzees | North Carolina State University
2:47:48​ – Christopher Walker, PhD. | Bonobos | North Carolina State University

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