OC Supports International Day of Action To Save The Leuser Ecosystem

Watch this short but powerful video today and then join the call to action today!

With only a month left in office, will Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will at last fulfill the 2011 promise he made in this video to save the forest?  The Leuser Ecosystem is the home of so many amazing species, including the orangutans, and it is one of the most vulnerable areas in all of Sumatra due to the devastation of palm oil, logging and mining.  The opportunity for change is still there for the President to protect what is left of this fragile, beautiful and important ecosystem.

The Orangutan Conservancy joins our friends at End of the Icons today to say save this amazing ecosystem before it’s too late. 

We also urge you to join this growing movement and take a stand for the International Day of Action. 

Call to Action: September 22nd

What you can do today to help save Leuser and the orangutans there.  Today is the eve of the UN Climate Summit in New York, and thousands of tweets have flooded the Indonesian President’s personal twitter account, @SBYudhoyono, asking him to protect the Leuser Ecosystem, as recent studies found Indonesia to have overtaken Brazil in having the highest rate of deforestation in the world.  The fate of the Leuser Ecosystem rests entirely on the cancellation of an illegal spatial plan drawn up by the government of Aceh province.  Go to Twitter and add your voice to the growing coalition to save the Leuser Ecosystem. With the UN Summit beginning tomorrow, all eyes are on this situation now. 


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