OC Update: Previous ‘Our Canopy’ Scholarship Recipient Married in Toraja!

Reza, ‘Our Canopy’ Scholarship Recipient

In 2014 the Orangutan Conservancy was happy to see Reza Yogapermana graduate from his bachelor’s program after receiving the Orangutan Conservancy’s ‘Our Canopy’ scholarship. Reza was a budding conservationist when OC started our scholarship program, and he was one of the first recipients of this prestigious award. Reza was interested in obtaining  a higher education with goals to work in conservation. He graduated from Trasakti University in Jakarta with a degree in Environmental Sciences, after writing and submitting an exceptionally impressive application to OC. He spelled out a four year university plan, which he completed with flying colors. His university degree allowed him to get a jump start to leading tomorrow’s conservation leaders. 

We are so excited to now bring Reza back into the spotlight as he just recently got married in Toraja, a region of Sulawesi — an island west of Borneo. We wish the best to the newly married couple and we hope to hear more great things about this amazing, dedicated conservationist on the frontlines of orangutan conservation in Southeast Asia. 

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