OC/OVAG Pre-Workshop Update

a_002by Raffaella Commitante

Hello OC/OVAG fans!

Well, Citra and I are in Jogjakarta with Siska and conducting our pre-workshop preparations. The rainy season has begun in Borneo (where I was recently), but here in Jogja it is pleasantly sunny and dry. Today will be a shopping day for items needed to conduct our biggest meeting thus far. Luckily, having a permanent home in Jogja allows us to store items bought last year so we do not have to purchase some things again.

We have had some great news. The Indonesian Veterinary Association (IVMA) has given OC/OVAG a great honor!!! All participants get 7.5 education pts to add to their Veterinary degrees. Those vets that will present and/or facilitate sessions will earn 8.5. This is huge as it means we are accepted by a government body.

Above is a picture of this year’s organizing committee which has brought this about (we began working on this recognition for two years) with our mascot Gavo. You can follow Gavo on his own Instagram account.

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