OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop Day One Update

Team-building exercise starts the action on day one of the OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop

By Raffaella Commitante

Well, the OC/OVAG Workshop has finally begun! Ricko Jayo once again is our most excellent MC.

The Dean of Academic Affairs for The Vet Faculty at UGM, Dr. Agung Budianto, came to officially open the meeting and gave a very inspirational speech.

“Individual orangutans display unique characteristics, and learning more about them is important. It is important work that vets do. We are on the orangutan’s side. We need to increase the participation of not only the forestry department, but a wider reach. OVAG has taken many positive steps toward increasing skills and collaboration, and thank you to the OVAG committee for all the structure that creates such a workshop”.

After his speech and the welcome from Steve Unwin and myself, we headed outside for the ice breaker: working together to lower a straw tube to the ground.

Learning tourniquet and wound packing procedures from a military trauma doctor Chris Cousar

The OVAG Committee having a pre-workshop strategy meeting

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