Orangutan Caring Week 2021

Today, November 7th marks the start of the annual Orangutan Caring Week. This celebratory week is held every November and aims to promote awareness and educate the public on orangutans, conservation, and deforestation in South East Asia.

Originally called Orangutan Awareness Week, Orangutan Caring Week came to be after the idea of just being aware of the struggles of orangutan conservation was not enough. Caring about orangutans is what drives action to save the most endangered great ape and their rainforest homes. This year, the event takes place from November 7th to November 13th. The theme for this year’s Orangutan Caring Week is “Respecting Nature to Save Orangutans, Biodiversity, and Our Collective Future.

The theme of this year is especially important, given the heightened awareness from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic of just how connected our health and planet are connected to conserving and protecting biodiversity. While there is no evidence of wild great apes contracting the virus, there has been multiple instances of great apes testing positive for COVID-19 in zoo settings.

We hope you consider donating or adopting a wild orangutan to help support the Orangutan Conservancy!

You can stay up-to-date of all of the events and #OCW posts on our social media or over at orangutancaringweek.com.

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