Our Canopy Scholarship

The Orangutan Conservancy has developed a continuing education program for Indonesians specializing in the care and study of orangutans in forest programs. Currently the program is open only to those associated with universities and highly-regarded independent orangutan projects within Indonesia. 

How to Apply:

  1. Download and Read the OC Proposal Guidelines to see what types of projects are eligible for funding
  2. Prepare your proposal according to OC’s Proposal Guidelines
  3. Email application to askOC@orangutan.com

Past Recipients

2017 Recipient: Anta Rosetyadewi

Anta is a veterinarian and a valued member of the Orangutan Conservancy/Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group. Anta is literally fearless in her desire to help orangutans and other wildlife survive and she is equally as passionate in her desire to make Indonesia a safe haven for its wildlife species. Her PhD dissertation is titled: Conservation management of orangutans in Indonesia: investigating gastrointestinal parasites, risk factors and the impact of stress. Anta is studying for her PhD at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

“From this short study, I learned about emergency response, vital sign and anesthesia wise that are extremely useful for my field work. The outcomes from discussion among zoo vets, we did numerous conservations about disease of orangutan, styles of medicine and suitable equipment. Seeing the treatment of captive animals has given me a new set of concerns and knowledge. From the knowledge that I gained, I would like to adopt better medical style, preferred drug uses, intense medical recording in order to improve procedures. Thus, better and comprehensive diagnose to bring up the best decision for animal.”.

Anta Rosetyadewiaa
Dr. Yenny Sraswati

Dr. Saraswati (pictured to the right of her husband, Dr. Ricko Jaya) is an Indonesian veterinarian at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme and also an organizing member of the OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshop. The Orangutan Conservancy was part of an international team that brought this highly-skilled vet to the States to further her education and no doubt share her ample orangutan experience with those who care for the primates here in America. In an 8-week US study program at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, the Fort Worth Zoo and many other US facilities, Anta received hands-on experiences and worked directly with the teams at those locations.


Reza’s desire was to attend university in order to learn and do even more in conservation. He submitted a well written and thought out four-year university plan in Environmental Sciences at Trisakti University in Jakarta. With OC’s help, Reza has completed his college education. Reza’s mother was also involved in orangutan conservation in Balikpapan with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.


  1. Hi,
    May I ask if the education program is available for none Indonesian people.

    1. Hello Thao,

      Our Education Program is only open for those living in orangutan range areas (Borneo & Sumatra). For more information please visit our Project Proposal webpage or email us at askOC@orangutan.com.

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