Orangutan Conservancy’s From the Forest


Dr. Mark Harrison of BNF/OuTrop is one of the researchers featured in From the Forest

From the Forest is a series of enlightening essays written by some of the world’s top primatologists and conservationists. 

Many of the authors head up conservation projects that we currently support and other initiatives that the Orangutan Conservancy has aided in the past. 

These first-person articles profile conservation work that is benefiting orangutans and their rainforest home. 

We invite you to look at From the Forest to hear from Dr. Ian Singleton about his orangutan work, from Dr. Serge Wich and Dr. Lian Pin Koh explaining their groundbreaking use of drones in Sumatra, from Dr. Anne Russon about her ranging research in Borneo focused on the Morio subspecies of orangutans, from Mark Harrison about conservation studies being accomplished in Sabangau, and from many other inspiring researchers across Indonesia whose work is helping to ensure that the remaining wild orangutans have a chance for future survival.

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