Orangutan-Friendly Halloween Candy Guide

No one keeps better tabs on the companies that are and are not practicing sustainability in their food production processes than the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Their online shopping app is a handy tool for taking to the supermarket as you choose from the thousands of items for sale.  And now for Halloween, CMZ has just put out their Orangutan-Friendly Halloween Candy Guide.  Look it over and make smart choices this spooky season that are not only tasty but also better* for the future of orangutans and their rainforest home.


*The Orangutan Conservancy recognizes that 100% verification of where and how palm oil comes from is still a difficult task in 2017, and we hope better and more accountable verification methods happen soon.  For now, consumers are often left to some companies’ good will statements of being sustainable – maybe even a few on the list above.  As an informed consumer, make sure you do your own research, and remind the companies that make the products that you use that you expect them to be fully sustainable. 

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