Orangutan News: Orangutan Handed Over to W. Kalimantan Conservation Agency

photo courtesy of BKSDA West Kalimantan/File
photo courtesy of BKSDA West Kalimantan/File

by Severianus Endi The Jakarta Post

A resident of Pontianak, West Kalimantan, voluntarily handed over a Kalimantan orangutan to the Natural Resources and Conservation Agency (BKSDA), the agency’s official has said.

BKSDA West Kalimantan head Sustyo Iriono said the local resident, M. Djafrie DA, reportedly found the orangutan in a hut belonging to an owner of a field in Landak regency in February, and raised it before he handed the rare species, which is endemic to Kalimantan Island, to his agency on Tuesday.

The female primate was in healthy condition and is predicted to be nine-months-old, he went on.

This excerpt from a news article appeared in and is courtesy of The Jakarta Post and can be read in its entirety here.

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