Orangutan News: Ulu Menyang in Malaysia to be a Wildlife Conservation Area

Orangutan with baby. Credit: Daniel Kong
Orangutan with baby. Credit: Daniel Kong

ULU Menyang in Batang Ai will be managed as a Wildlife Conservation Area due to the high orangutan population in the region.

Assistant Minister for Environment Datu Len Talif Salleh said the state government would maintain the native customary rights (NCR) status in Ulu Menyang for the purpose of establishing a national park.

“Residents there can carry on with their daily activities, preferably in a controlled manner to reduce the impact on orangutans.

“The area will be developed as an eco-tourism product, which can be run and managed by local residents,” he said in a reply to Malcolm Mussen Lamoh (BN-Batang Ai) in the august House yesterday.

Len Talif pointed out that residents in the said area would be prohibited from cultivating their NCR land as plantations, logging and other activities could jeopardise its ecology.

This excerpt from a news article appeared in and is courtesy of The Borneo Post and can be read in its entirety here.

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