OVAG 2019 Workshop

The Orangutan Conservancy is pleased to announce the Orangutan

Veterinary Advisory Group’s 11th annual workshop,

“Back to Jogjakarta”

The Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group (OVAG) is supported by The Orangutan Conservancy and Chester Zoo, and is hosted by Gadjah Mada University.

This years workshop will begin on July 28th, 2019.


The focus of the OC/OVAG Veterinary Workshops remain the practical sessions, presentations, round tables, and break-out groups that make the experience so valuable. At the workshops, OVAG veterinarians who often work alone under extreme duress discover a place to pose questions and tackle hypothetical scenarios that might otherwise get overlooked. They also establish long-lasting friendships and alliances that strengthen the orangutan conservation community as a whole.

Update: Day 1

We had our own bags made to celebrate our 11th year for each of our 90 participants from 5 continents!!!!!

The first presentation was from our forest fire strategist Kevin Cooper, here with Steve Unwin and Siska Sulistyo

Breaking out into working groups:

This day just flew by!!!! In the evening some of the group went shopping in the batik district of Jogja…Malioboro

Update: Day 2

We are back at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UGM for another day of presentations!

OVAG 2019 group showing off their new OVAG conference bags!

It was a fascinating day – learning more about nutrition and what a fruit really is…eggplant? A fruit!!!!!! More on the effects of forest fires: smoke on orangutans, other wildlife and the forest.

We also heard some case studies on orangutan diseases and a very informative talk on TB from George Omondi Paul – who joins us from PASA (he is doing his PhD at University of Minnesota!!!) along with Thalita the vet from Chimfunshee.

Update: Day 3

T-Shirt Day!

Here are Jati and Steve modeling this year’s OVAG t-shirt… our vets in black!

And Yenny with Gavo!

Gibbon vets in their session!

Update: Day 4

Today the vets watched a live stream of health checks on two orangutans and one gibbon at the Jogja Wildlife Rescue Center.  We hope to use this as a training video for young vets entering the conservation community in partnership with the university (UGM).

Update: Day 5 – The Last Day!

The last day….

I gave a presentation on Wildlife Forensics, followed by a talk on a case currently in the courts.  Then once workshop business was concluded, onto some fun in the afternoon – a T shirt design contest for next year’s OVAG workshop t shirt!!!!

Below, GAVO oversees the OVAG T shirt contest supplies. 

The vets hard at work being creative!!!!!

And the winner….

Front panel: the world focusing on a map of south east Asia with human, gibbon and orangutan hands.

And the back panel:

The conference dinner followed with awarding of the certificates and of course good food and karaoke!!!!

Now we can begin preparations for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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