Orangutan Care Center COVID-19 Relief Fund

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are numbing. As we all brave through these uncertain and unprecedented times, we need to reach out again as orangutan care centers across Southeast Asia struggle to stay afloat. 

Starting from the beginning of worldwide health orders and warnings from prominent health agencies Southeast Asian orangutan care centers in both Sumatra and Borneo have closed to the public and have instituted strict health checks for all essential employees. Many may not realize that care centers, much like zoos and aquariums simply do not have the ability to shut down completely. Not only do they continue to employ their workers but their expenses stay consistent if not spike in response to limited supplies and high demand. 

  • Poached through illegal wildlife trafficking — Orangutans still need rescuing.
  • Kidnapped for the illegal pet trade — Orangutans still need rehabilitating.
  • Populations still continue to dwindle — Orangutans still need releasing.

We are now calling on you, our loyal supporters and conservationists alike to come together and support the survival of orangutan species through funding invaluable rescue and care centers in Borneo and Sumatra. By donating just $50.00 you can provide the necessary care and food for one orangutan for one week. Help these centers by calling on; friends, family members, acquaintances, fellow wildlife heroes, (anyone!) to come together and donate funds to paramount conservation institutions. 

Donate to the Orangutan Conservancy’s COVID-19 Care Center Relief Fund today!


  1. I saw Jeff Gibbs’ film “Planet of the Humans(available free for all on YouTube)”. The last scenes from an Indonesian forest being destroyed, with the remaining tree occupied by the traumatized orangutans, how the one orangutan is slogging through the mud, how the surviving orangutans are (maybe) rescued by the loggers ….this all made me want to help. I don’t know how you can prevent habitat destruction in Indonesia, but I hope at least COVID-19 is putting a pause on this. We have to change our minds about Progress.

    1. I also saw the film, we have to change our consumption habits. Too often the media here is obsessed with climate change but little attention is given to large corporations destroying land that should be reserved for orangutans and other endangered species. The large corporations I fear are only too happy for us to become obsessed with climate change so they can deflect attention away from what they are doing. I am donating today to your relief org to help save the orangutan. We need to change the conversation in the West.

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