Rescued and Released Orangutan Adoption Program – SOC x OC

The Orangutan Conservancy is proud to announce our partnership with our friends over at Sintang Orangutan Center to create the brand new Rescued & Released Wild Orangutan Adoption program!

Similar to our Wild Adoption Program in partnership with OKP, proceeds from R&R Adoption program will go towards Sintang Orangutan Center, where they rescue, rehabilitate, and release orangutans to the Betung Kerihun National Park in West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.

The adoptable orangutans that have been rescued by SOC are first quarantined at the SOC facility to ensure that the orangutan is healthy enough to join the other rescued orangutans. Once cleared, the rescued orangutan joins the other orangutans at SOC’s Tembak Forest School for rehabilitation. At the Forest School, the orangutans learn how to socialize and learn how to be successful in the wild. After the rescued orangutan has successfully been rehabilitated, they are finally released into the wild.

Adoptable Orangutans

With the launch this new adoption program, we have three R&R orangutans available for adoption:


Gagas is a 10 year old male Bornean Orangutan. He was rescued by SOC in January 2014 and was released back into the wild in July 2019. He is a mischievous, playful, and curious orangutan. While at the Forest School, Gagas’s mischievous nature got him into trouble, often becoming injured while playing with the other orangutans. Eventually, he learned the ins and outs of the school and was able to be released back into the wild.


Jojo is a 12-year-old female Bornean Orangutan that was rescued by SOC in January 2012. Upon arrival to SOC, she was diagnosed with a respiratory tract infection and required 3 months of treatment. After her recovery, she joined the other orangutans where she quickly befriended the orangutan named Cemong. During her stay, Cemong guarded and protected Jojo, and in return, Jojo taught Cemong many of her abilities. Jojo is also known to be an exceptionally well-behaved orangutan, and in November 2017, Jojo and Cemong were released together into the wild.


Cemong is an 8-year-old female Bornean Orangutan. She was rescued by SOC in September 2014 in good health. While at the Forest School, Cemong met another female orangutan named Jojo, with who she had an immediate emotional bond. Cemong guarded and protected Jojo, and in return, Jojo taught Cemong many of her orangutan abilities. The bond between Jojo and Cemong was reported by SOC to be similar to a mother and daughter. In November 2017, Jojo and Cemong were released together into the wild.

Adoption Packages

Similarly to the Orangutan Kutai Project Wild Orangutan Adoptions, we have both a physical and virtual adoption method available.

With every physical adoption packet ($130), you will receive…

1 Adoption Certificate | 1 OC Logo Pin | 1 OC Logo Vinyl Sticker

Story and History of your Orangutan | 4 x 6 in. Photo of Orangutan | Digital Footage/Photos/Updates on your Orangutan

With the virtual adoption packet ($120), you will receive…

  • Digital Adoption Certificate
  • Digital Orangutan Adoption Story
  • Digital Footage, Photos, & Updates on your Orangutan

*Virtual & physical adoption packets do not imply ownership or rights to the individual orangutan.

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