Summer 2020 – A Message from our President

Dear Supporters,

During this very unprecedented difficult time in our modern history, it is often easy to forget that humans are not the only ones struggling.  While we must be respectful of human lives lost, we must also be aware that non-human primates still need our assistance.  The Orangutan Conservancy has supported orangutan conservation for many years and in many ways and it continues to do so now. 

The Orangutan Conservancy has enabled us to assist and connect orangutan conservationists both in the wild, at rehabilitation centers and zoos.  Through conducting the Orangutan Veterinary Advisory Group annual workshops, to assisting in fire fighting efforts, to funding various research, to providing much needed aid during this pandemic , the Orangutan Conservancy has been able to build long lasting relationships and increase  overall knowledge and connectivity.  This has been especially true today.  The network of people with various levels of expertise and skills has been able to stay connected due to their involvement with OVAG and our website continues to provide valuable information.   

The ability to stay connected to others and working together, whether virtually or in person, is imperative in our fight to save primate species.  It is with the help of all of you that our work continues to be possible.

Thank you very much and stay safe!

Dr. Raffaella Commitante
Orangutan Conservancy

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