SOC Quarantine Enclosure Update

As you may know, last year we funded the Sintang Orangutan Center‘s new quarantine/isolation enclosure at the Jerora Forest School.

The enclosure’s first resident since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived May 1st, 2021. The orangutan is named Sinta, who is an 8 year old female orangutan. She was handed over to SOC voluntarily by her “owners” from Tangerang City. She had been kept for nearly 7 years until she was sent to the Jakarta BKSDA, and temporarily was held at Tegal Alur Animal Rescue Center. There, she was tested for various health concerns, such as TB, Human Hepatitis B, SIV, and PCR for SARS CoV2. Along with those tests, she was DNA tested to determine where she would be repatriated (Kalimantan or Sumatra).

The DNA tests were returned after about a month, and it was determined that Sinta is a Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus), meaning that she can be released into Kalimantan with the rest of the Bornean orangutan population.

Sinta was transferred to SOC’s care after close coordination with the Ministry, Jakarta, and W. Kalimantan nature conservation office so she can begin the rehabilitation progress.

Sinta will be in the quarantine cage for approximately 2 months in order to ensure that she is both healthy enough and passes the adaptation period. After these 2 months, Sinta will finally be able to join the other orangutans at the Jerora 2 Forest School program.

We are currently raising funds for an X-ray machine for the Sintang Orangutan Center. You can donate here.

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