Classroom Adoption: Sparkling Sonics & 2-201

This past April, two classrooms (The Sparkling Sonics and 2-201) both virtually adopted the Orangutan Kutai Project orangutan, Pan, in honor of Earth Day. Along with the adoption, the classes both had lessons on orangutans and their habitat. The students completed many projects, including: illustrations, dioramas, and opinion pieces on why it is important to save orangutans.

X-Ray Needed in Sintang

The Sintang Orangutan Center is in dire need of a new X-ray machine at their location in West Kalimantan. At the core of SOC is their rescue, rehabilitate, and release program for orangutans (mostly from the illegal pet trade) in Southeast Asia. A large part of this effort relies on their ability to adequately assess and diagnose their patients upon …