The Orangutan Conservancy Announces Added Support For SOCP and Orangutan Haven

The islands at Orangutan Haven begin to take shape. Surrounded by waterways, there will be 1o islands of various sizes that will be semi-wild homes for rescued orangutans that are too ill or injured to be released into the wild.

The Orangutan Conservancy had the pleasure of spending time last week with Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme founder Dr. Ian Singleton here in Los Angeles as he was visiting the west coast of America.  Reaffirming our commitment to Singleton and the fine work he and his team continue to accomplish in Sumatra for orangutan conservation, OC notified the primatologist that we would be presenting SOCP with two fall donations – one for the critical work being done at SOCP’s rescue and rehabilitation center  near Medan and the other for the rapid progress being made toward the completion of Orangutan Haven – the future islands home for ill and injured orangutans that could not survive in the wild.

As long-time supporters of SOCP, we have not only visited the organization’s headquarters but had the opportunity to see Orangutan Haven at about the time that they broke ground on the much-needed initiative (see our video above) two years ago.  As seen in these just-released pictures, the progress is inspiring. The refuge is coming together at a faster pace and with hopes to have their first resident orangutan sometime in 2018.  The amount of work to be done before that happens, however, is enormous, and we hope our supporters will continue to help bring this long-term sanctuary to fruition.

Leuser, who was blinded after being shot 62 times with an air rifle, will soon become one of the first residents of the SOCP Orangutan Haven

Along with the nearly 100-acre Haven, the nearby SOCP rescue and rehabilitation center has expanded to take in even more rescued orangutans – most of them illegal pets or victims of the palm oil trade.  To date, SOCP has received more than 350 orangutans since 2001 and has rehabilitated and reintroduced 270 of them back into the wild.

A bamboo bridge under construction at Orangutan Haven will carry visitors and students to an area where they’ll be able to see and learn about orangutans on their new island homes.

OC looks forward to being there for SOCP in whatever ways we can in the future as they continue work in all areas of orangutan conservation: including rescue, quarantine and reintroduction of orangutans, surveying and monitoring remaining wild populations, habitat conservation, research in behavioral ecology of wild orangutans and conservation education and awareness.


  1. Great work that SOCP is doing to help orangutans. Ian is doing wonderful work for them and the conservation of their habitat.

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