Update: OC/OVAG Workshop – Day Three

This live update comes to us from Dr. Raffaella Commitante who runs the OC/OVAG Workshop for the Orangutan Conservancy.

Hello again from the OC/OVAG 2012 Workshop.  The Workshop made the evening news.  Also, we have had newspaper coverage and we are trying to get copies – exciting stuff as we have never had this kind of coverage before.

On day three the participants had a parasitology lab session in the morning.

After the lab session, we were invited by the Director of Zoo Negara to come for a visit and to give them feedback on their exhibits.  The zoo exhibits both Sumatran and Bornean species of orangutan.  We decided that the location would be a good spot for our group photo.


Learn more about the OC/OVAG Workshop and how you can help support this annual event.


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