Video: Sumatra Burning: The Heart of Palm Oil

In Coconuts TV’s film, “Sumatra Burning: The Heart of Palm Oil,” a documentary team travels to Indonesia to investigate the palm oil industry and the forest clearance fires that cause environmental, economic, political, and health problems throughout Southeast Asia and the world.  This balanced and insightful film is a must-watch for those who care about orangutans and their rainforest homes.

As the film states, “Deforestation, mostly for commercial agriculture, releases more carbon into the atmosphere than all of the cars, trucks, ships, trains and airplanes on the planet combined.  In 2012 Indonesia overtook Brazil as the country with the most rapid deforestation n the world.” 

The film shows how and why this is happening and what might be done to turn things around in the future for the people, animals and ecosystem in that part of the world.

OC applauds this filmmaking team and encourages our supporters to view this powerful, short documentary.


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